Previous Owners

The land being sold was most recently owned and farmed by Fred and Louise Suhre. Fred was born in the Suhre homestead in 1922. The north field and other barn in the farm sale was the ancestoral farm of Louise Klipple Suhre. Fred and Louise were married in 1951, and both passed away in 2013.

William "Bill" Suhre came to the farm when he was 6 years old, the second child of Herman and Mary Trenepohl Suhre. In 1920 he married Polly Bossert Suhre, the youngest daughter of Brookville merchant Abraham Bossert and Carrie Beckman Bossert. In 1951, they moved from the main Suhre home to a new dwelling Bill and Fred built across the lawn to make room for Fred and Louise and their family. Bill passed away in 1969, and Polly in 1980.

Herman Suhre purchased the original Suhre farm in the 1890s. With his wife, Mary Trenepohl Suhre, they operated the farm until the late 1920s.

The north field and additional barn and lot of the auction was the original farm of George Klipple, beginning in the 1880s. George's son Graydon was the father of Louise Klipple Suhre. After WWI, Graydon was forced to move to the west for health reasons with his wife Jean Hoover Klipple, also originally from Brookville. In 1927 Louise was born in Colorado. The Klipple farm was continued to be run by Graydon's sisters May and Amelia until their death in 1970, when the main portion of the farm was purchased by Fred and Louise Suhre.

In 1962, Bill, Polly, Fred and Louise Suhre purchased the farm of Basil and Naoma Copes. Most of this farm was sold at auction in 2015, but a small piece of this auction is from the Copes farm.